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Why Mustax?

Whether you are a professional rider, vet or physio, thanks to our unique formulas we are recommended and fed by all those who really know their stuff. And why?

Because it works - MUSTAX!

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What makes us special

Thanks to our fine powder, MUSTAX is the most effective supplementary feed for your horse, highly digestible and gentle on the stomach.


What our customers say

For me it is clear that "Chora" only stays healthy, fit and productive by feeding MUSTAX M+ and that is exactly why I can recommend MUSTAX M+ without reservation!


Janine Mader, amateur show jumper (A/L)

The first improvement was noticeable after about 2 weeks and it is still there today. I can only recommend the product!


Jana D. about Gastro

After extensive research, I decided to use MUSTAX M+ for my 4-year-old show jumper. After just a few weeks, there were clear improvements in terms of constitutional development.
I would therefore recommend the use of MUSTAX M+ at any time!

Patricia Maier, veterinarian at a renowned equine clinic

Within a few weeks, I saw significant changes throughout her body. What was most noticeable was that her coat got color and shine and the horse gained a lot of muscle mass.


Janine M.

I am absolutely satisfied. It's the first powder that hasn't been left standing or sorted out after a week. And it smells really good too. Thanks for the great advice. And when it was ordered and dispatched, the delivery was super fast. Thank you very much!



My sport horses are fed MUSTAX without exception, because they give their all for me on the course and deserve the best possible support!


Marvin Haarmann

After a very short time, "Curt" showed an amazing improvement in his overall appearance without any complications in his digestive tract. We simply say THANK YOU!



The product has met all my expectations. He is looser, more permeable, reacts faster and looks more muscular!!! I would order it again anytime!!! 😍



Our secret

Everyone says 100% active ingredient, right?
For us, that's not just an advertising slogan. Thanks to our powder formulas, your horse receives pure active ingredients quickly and gently, naturally and without industrial sugar!

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