"For a horse, not yet 4 years old, not ridden much and still growing strongly to boot, he looks absolutely top notch, we think."
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Report on MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+)

"He is always relaxed and motivated at work, always giving his all for his rider. "

In both photos you can see our "Stubbi", who came to our stable directly from the breeder's pasture in early October 2020, at that time still as a stallion. He was (as a late foal from June 2017) extremely youthful in appearance, the body yet still very misshapen and unfinished.

After the immediately following castration, he looked even leaner and therefore not much better. During the entire convalescence, the careful breaking in and until today the horse is still actively supported in his development by feeding him MUSTAX M+ .

With pride we can now present you our "Stubbi", who has developed fabulously, on a current photo from 20.02.2021. He is always relaxed and motivated at work and always gives everything for his rider. For a horse that is not yet 4 years old, that is not ridden very often and that is still growing a lot, he looks absolutely top, in our opinion. A balanced basic feeding, effectively and sensibly supplemented with MUSTAX M+ simply leads to success!

Many thanks, Sina, Jana, Leonie & "Stubbi".

"Without MUSTAX, without us!"

Nina, Matthias & "Antonius

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"In the meantime, he has become a real athlete and loyal partner who deserves only the best. That's why he gets his MUSTAX! #ohnemustaxohneuns"

Report on the products MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+) and MUSTAX MIN (Mineral).

When we got Anton, he was not in a good condition physically. So we thought about how we could build him up as quickly and gently as possible.

A friend recommended MUSTAX products to us. We were thrilled with the advice and started feeding MUSTAX M+ and MUSTAX MIN, in addition to the daily power feed and of course sufficient amounts of roughage. He was only lightly worked in the first few weeks, which we gradually increased.

Already after a few weeks we could see a clear change: Anton gained weight, started to build up muscles and his coat was shiny again. In the meantime he has become a real athlete and faithful partner who deserves only the best.

That's why he continues to get his MUSTAX! #ohnemustaxwithoutus

Nina, Matthias & "Antonius

After supplementary feeding with M+

"I don't think I need to say anything more with the pictures, we are all just thankful and happy that Ionas M is doing better than ever!"

Report on the product MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+)

The photos show Ionas M, the 4-year-old gelding from good friends. The horse has an absolutely exquisite pedigree. Sire = I'm Special de Muze (internationally successful in show jumping), dam = AD Quiera Z (Quilot x Ramiro Z), herself an international 1.60 m winner, just like the maternal granddam.

The first picture shows the condition of the young gelding after the careful breaking in on 17.06.2020. Despite sufficient feeding, nutritional condition and musculature leave a lot to be desired. The second picture shows the same horse on 01.09.2020 after continuous supplementary feeding with MUSTAX M+. I think with the pictures I do not need to say anything more, we are just all grateful and happy that Ionas M is doing so well as never before!

"Sometimes miracles do come true!"

Report on the product MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+)

Sometimes miracles really do come true, especially when you go about it with horse sense, passion and the right support - just like Sina, Jana and Leonie did with their 4-year-old OS mare "Berni" by "Dust Devil" x "Ad Unaniem".

At the end of 2019 still 3 years old completely raw and not very far developed, it went cautiously to the building up work, permanently supported by the high-quality food supplement MUSTAX M+ (Muscle Plus) for sport horses. At the beginning of the show season, the first successes in novice (A**) level tests for young show jumpers followed.

Optimally supplied and fed according to his needs with the amino acid proteins in the MUSTAX M+ "Berni" quickly developed into a relaxed, easy-going show jumper who was willing to perform. He passed his mare performance test with an unbelievable average of 8.63, whereby the score for free jumping was an absolute record with 9.5 (!!!). As a proud main premium candidate, "Berni" was thus admitted to the elite show in Vechta, where she sensationally qualified for the diamond ring and was awarded a 1d premium. 😎

We congratulate you warmly and are very proud to have contributed to MUSTAX M+ to have contributed to this success story

PS: Pictures say more than 1,000 words, so feel free to compare photos.

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"We just say THANK YOU !!!"
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Report on the product MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+).

"We could hardly believe what we saw ourselves: after only a very short time, "Curt" showed a quite amazing improvement in his overall appearance, without any complications in his digestive tract." - MUSTAX M+

The first photo shows the pitiful physical condition of our 6-year-old Holsteiner "Curt" after surviving a severe splenic renal ligament colic by a hair's breadth.

With this displacement of the longitudinal layers of the large colon, our sporting partner struggled day and night for a complete week and was kept alive only by his own irrepressible will, in addition to ongoing infusion therapy. Each of you, who has seen his beloved quadruped suffer such agonies, will understand that we were twice very close to give up and let him be released from his terrible pain.

After we had hardly dared to hope for it, his state of health suddenly improved miraculously and exactly from this moment on the urgent question arose, how it would be possible to bring this fur-covered carcass back to health in the foreseeable future and without stressing the severely damaged gastrointestinal tract.

The clear recommendation was, of course, to provide good hay around the clock as the basis for the ration. In addition, however, the amount of concentrated feed should be based on the current state of recovery of our "Curti", whereby about a quarter should be added to the normal amount in order to get more energy into the pitiful looking guy. But good advice was expensive, because at the same time the single portions were not allowed to become too big - with such an extreme energy demand any grain as concentrated feed was out of the question and by recommendation we fell back on MUSTAX M+ as a sensible nutritional supplement.

According to information from our veterinarians MUSTAX M+ not only provides the horse with essential amino acids, but fat and glucose also act as real energy bombs, carnitine and lecithin in combination with high-quality lysine and methionine act as metabolic accelerators and support the horse not only - as in our special case - in regeneration and convalescence, but also every healthy horse in active muscle building in development, education and training. We could hardly believe ourselves what we saw: already after a very short time "Curt" showed a quite amazing improvement of his whole appearance without any complications in his digestive tract.

Today our brave friend is thanks to continuous feeding of MUSTAX M+ he is in the very best physical condition (see comparison picture) and is again very successful in show jumping. We simply say THANK YOU!

Previously she had cross seizure and since M+ never again ...and that is exactly why I can recommend MUSTAX M+ without reservation!
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"Already after the first 2 weeks of feeding we saw and especially felt changes. My mare seemed more motivated, rideable, the solution phase shortened significantly and "Chora" was finally charged with positive energy again."

Report on the product MUSTAX M+ (Muscle+)

First of all: I have had very, very good experiences with MUSTAX M+!

I have been giving MUSTAX M+ to my 11 year old Holsteiner mare "Chora" for over 2 years now and for a good reason: "Chora" unfortunately has the permanent problem that, especially in winter, she tends to get cross-contagion despite daily, normal training and additional, several hours of free exercise with an adapted feed ration.

Even an inpatient stay in the clinic and extensive examinations by several specialist veterinarians could not provide a concrete explanation as to how such symptoms repeatedly occur. It was only clear that it must be a disorder of the muscular metabolism. So we searched intensively for a supplementary feed for the complete musculature and then heard about MUSTAX M+ through my trainer Hermann Ostendarp. After a detailed consultation with the experts from MUSTAX, we tested MUSTAX M+ directly.

Already after the first 2 weeks of feeding we saw and especially felt changes. My mare seemed more motivated, more rideable, the solution phase shortened significantly and "Chora" was finally charged with positive energy again. Within a couple of weeks I saw significant changes in the entire body. What was most noticeable was that her coat got color and shine and the horse gained significant muscle mass.

However, the absolutely most important thing for me is that we haven't had any cross-stitch since we started feeding until....

After a constant administration of MUSTAX M+ over 1.5 years, I then (unfortunately) decided on a test basis to take a break in the summer of 2020 and already after 10 days "Chora" directly showed the old familiar symptoms during a show jumping competition: Pronounced impulsiveness with immediately following stiffness of the hindquarters, unsteady gait and sweating.

Since then, it is absolutely certain for me that "Chora" is exclusively due to the feeding of MUSTAX M+ remains healthy, fit and powerful and that is exactly why I can MUSTAX M+ without reservation!

- Janine Mader, amateur show jumper (A/L)

"Thank you for the super tip - next year we are directly prepared when winter comes!"

"After about 5 days of feeding 2x a day, we already noticed a significant improvement and after 10 days the cough was completely gone."

Report on the product MUSTAX P (Pulmo)

My pony gelding "Geronimo" is now 21 years old, I have had him for over 5 years and he is healthy, lively, ridden about 5x a week and goes with me to shows in the summer.

In the last two years, after the coat change, at the beginning of the cold season, he unfortunately started to cough sporadically, not really long-lasting and bad, but still in such a way that we could not and did not want to ignore it.

Katrin from the MUSTAX team recommended MUSTAX P(Pulmo) with fenugreek and essential oils and we tried it right away. The powder smells extremely good and "Geronimo" was really wild about it. 😊

After about 5 days of 2x daily feeding we noticed a clear improvement and after 10 days the cough was completely gone.

Thank you for the great tip - next year we are directly prepared when the winter comes!

Love from Ina & "Geronimo" and keep up the good work!

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"After a week of MUSTAX N (Nerve Stable), I'm finally enjoying riding again!"
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"He is a horse what is very motivated, even sometimes almost over-motivated and annoying. With these characteristics, the gelding often got in his own way and riding was hardly fun."

Report on the product MUSTAX N (Nervenstabil).

"Bellendorf's Detroits Thunder has been with us at the stable since he was 3 years old. From the beginning he was very trusting, but also extremely sensitive. He was gently broken in and presented at his first shows when he was 4 years old, where he was already very successful in novice class show jumping competitions. Nevertheless, it was not always easy with him...

He is a horse that is very willing to learn and full of temperament, but at the same time very sensitive. When he was 5 years old, I decided to have him ridden by my trainer Hermann Ostendarp - he rode him last season from show jumping A to M and placed him all the way up to show jumping L. He was very successful with me, too. He was also very successful with me in show jumping competitions for young horses and style jumping at A** level. Towards the end of the season we even dared to jump in style L, we were not placed yet, but we were able to gain a lot of experience.

Unfortunately our way became more and more difficult in the last time. He is a horse that is very motivated, sometimes almost over-motivated and annoying. With these characteristics, the gelding often stood in his own way and riding was hardly fun anymore.

In search of a solution, I tried MUSTAX N (Nervenstabil) after consulting your feeding experts, and I must say that riding is finally fun again! Honestly, I've only been feeding it for a week now and "Bellendorfs Detroits Thunder" alias "Dieter" is like a changed person: He is working with full concentration, his nerves are no longer tense to the extreme and I notice how he is more and more relaxed and fully involved in the matter.

Thank you very much!

Many greetings from Nadine Beyer & "Dieter".

"I can only recommend MUSTAX G!"

Many greetings from Jana Döller & "Colzor


"I noticed an initial improvement after about 2 weeks and it continues to this day." - MUSTAX Gastro

Report on the product MUSTAX G (Gastro)

My 11 year old gelding "Colzor" is a show jumper and is successfully used in sport at L/M level. Now to his symptoms in the past: "Colzor" always has the problem to get well and fresh through the change of coat. Apart from the thick pony coat, he had massive intestinal and lapping problems. In addition to this, he also had gasping, which severely limited his willingness to perform, and he showed clear discomfort (cramping, tail flapping). In addition, this understandably made him look very bulbous and sunken in the flanks. Of course I worked with supplementary feeding of oils, mash & co, but all this did not bring the desired improvement. Since half a year I feed now MUSTAX Gastro and lo and behold: "Colzor" has come through the coat change super, was no longer sensitive to the weather and the lapping problem is almost completely eliminated. He no longer cramps, is altogether more willing to perform and just looks like you say "in the paint".

I noticed a first improvement already after about 2 weeks and it lasts until today.

I can only recommend the product!

"Despite long trailer rides, unfamiliar surroundings, changing box neighbors, and exciting rides in the larger group, "Zanoni" has never had a cold or caught an infection."
MUSTAX Vitamin

Report on the product MUSTAX VIT (vitamins)

My 11 year old gelding "Zanoni" is probably what you could call a "working horse" 😊 Within the framework of the 4-day ride & shoot events that I have been organizing for customers for years with my company EquiEvent, he accompanies me several times a year to Holland to the North Sea - it is clear that in addition to a transport of several hours, this always involves a stay in a foreign guest stall.

As is well known, such a change of location can have a negative effect on the horse's immune system, and I can't afford to let my best employee get an infection! Approximately one week before departure to Noordwijk, he is therefore prophylactically supplied with MUSTAX VIT , just as he is on site in the host stable until departure.

What can I say - despite long trailer rides, strange surroundings, changing box neighbors and exciting rides in the larger group, "Zanoni" has never caught a cold or an infection. Quite the opposite: brimming with health, we were able to accompany our clients safely and had countless wonderful hours with them on the beach and in the dunes.

Therefore a big THANK YOU to the whole MUSTAX team