What can the MUSTAX MIN do?

Was kann das MUSTAX MIN?
With MUSTAX MIN we offer you a particularly well-balanced mineral feed that contains all important vitamins, trace elements and minerals to effectively prevent the occurrence of all deficiency symptoms.
It optimally supports all metabolic processes in the horse's body and, thanks to its high biotin content, has a preventive effect against hoof problems such as cracks, the formation of horn gaps or loose hoof walls. Quite incidentally provides MUSTAX MIN provides a smooth, shiny coat and supports your favorite in the best way in the change of coat.
The contained copper is significantly involved in several metabolic processes in horses, ensures regular pigmentation of the skin and the formation of subcutaneous tissue, specially added zinc improves wound healing and prevents rough, flaky skin and hair loss, iron serves the oxygen transport in blood and muscles.
Sufficient supply of vitamin E and selenium actively counteracts the occurrence of muscle damage and cross-stitch, effectively supporting the regeneration of the entire musculature during work and after strenuous training with your sports partner.
Through the targeted and consistent vitamin and mineral feeding with MUSTAX MIN not only effectively prevents deficiency symptoms, but also supports the healthy rearing of foals and young horses, as well as the performance and willingness of your horse in an ideal way.

And if your horse suffers from a metabolic disorder such as ECS (Cushing's), SER, RER, or PSSM, then you have a lot to gain by feeding sufficient good quality hay, in combination with MUSTAX MIN and MUSTAX M+ you have two aces up your sleeve to feed your horse a healthy low-carbohydrate diet.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to your message! 😊

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