What helps with nervous horses?

Was hilft bei nervösen Pferden?
In today's civilization, the original "flight animal horse" is exposed to an almost constant flood of environmental stimuli with various additional stress factors such as training, transport, or tournament atmosphere. Depending on the individual personality, this is perfectly fine for the calmer representatives among our four-legged friends, but other more sensitive natures feel it as a high nervous strain, are easily distracted, are extremely jumpy and often unfocused.
However, since balance and strong nerves are indisputably important qualities in the learning process, training and competition, the question arises: How can I effectively and permanently help my horse to achieve inner calm and good concentration?
Our solution is MUSTAX N (Nerve Stable)
The combination of the ingredients contained in this product, which has been carefully worked out by animal nutrition experts, such as MUSTAX N The combination of ingredients such as magnesium, tryptophan and B-vitamins in a precisely balanced mixture achieves a much greater effect than the individual components would do individually. Magnesium is an important mineral that activates numerous enzymes in the energy metabolism of the nerves and muscle cells. In the exact interaction of these active ingredients, the nervous system of your sports partner stabilizes noticeably within a short time. Overexcitability and frequent distraction decrease, concentration, learning ability and willingness to perform are significantly increased and this permanently, without any habituation effect.
According to the Anti-Doping and Medication Rules (ADMR) of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), a waiting period of 48 hours must be observed before a competition/participation in a tournament! But don't worry, you will of course still have the effect at the tournament. 🚀

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  • Kim

    ich muss schonmal ein Feedback zu diesem Produkt geben. Weil ich so begeistert bin. Ich füttere das Nervenstabil seit weniger als einer Woche und merke einen deutlichen Unterschied zu vorher. Er ist mega ausgeglichen ruhig beim longieren, reiten und viel viel konzentrierter fast schon ungewöhnlich das er so ruhig ist. So schnell habe ich noch nie eine Wirkung von einem Produkt gemerkt. Ich echt völlig begeistert Ich werde es aufjendenfall dauerhaft weiter geben. Ein weiteres Produkt von Ihnen ist bestellt 😊

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