MUSTAX BT - More than beautiful coat and healthy hooves

MUSTAX BT - Mehr als schönes Fell und gesunde Hufe
Biotin is considered THE catalyst for faster hoof growth in horses - the water-soluble vitamin is mainly known to accelerate horn formation. However, this is by far not the only task of the sulfur-containing co-factor, because its influence on the metabolism is much, much greater: like all other B vitamins, biotin is absorbed in horses via the flora of the large intestine and enters the feed ration via all green feedstuffs, such as hay, haylage and silage. Grains, grain products and especially yeasts have high amounts of vitamin B, but biotin itself is found primarily in the leaves of green forage.

Biotin acts as a coenzyme in the transfer of carbon. This property makes it an extremely important link between carbohydrate and fat metabolism. For example, fatty acid synthesis depends on biotin, among other things. But biotin is also significantly involved in the conversion of pyruvate into fructose and finally glucose, a kind of natural detoxification.
A disturbed intestinal flora in horses can severely compromise the body's own biosynthesis of biotin. Liver problems, fecal water or silage feeding can indirectly affect the formation of biotin, which usually shows up late, but then persistently in poor hoof consistency, as one of the most obvious deficiency symptoms.

Many other, often unspecific symptoms, such as loss of appetite, depression, exhaustion, or fertility and lactation problems, are hardly suspected by horse owners at first glance to be caused by an acute deficit of biotin, but skin changes, hair loss, or discoloration can also have their cause. In the case of biotin deficiency, protein synthesis in the liver is also frequently disturbed.

By feeding our high-dose and highly absorbable MUSTAX BT, all deficiency symptoms are effectively prevented. It can be used both in case of existing problems and permanently as a preventive measure. It is doping-free and ADMR-compliant!

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