EHV-1 Update - MUSTAX VIT for a strong immune system!

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Dramatic news from Spain is currently shaking the equestrian world!

Due to the EHV-1 outbreak(Equine Herpes Virus) at the CES Valencia, the World Equestrian Federation FEI has decided to cancel all tournaments in ten European countries until March 28. Several horses have already died due to the herpes outbreak (EHV-1), so the World Equestrian Federation has acted and canceled all tournaments in all disciplines until March 28.

Herpes is a highly contagious virus that lies dormant in about 90 percent of horses. The viruses retreat into the nerve cells, the immune system cannot reach them and the virus cannot be eliminated. Once infected, a horse remains a lifelong carrier. In stressful situations (transports, tournaments, other illnesses) the herpes virus can be activated, but this does not necessarily have to be accompanied by clinical symptoms, because there are antibodies in the blood that effectively fight off unwanted invaders. As long as the herpes viruses are in the bloodstream and the antibody level is high enough, the intact immune system protects the organism.

There are four different types of Equine Herpes Virus, the current outbreak is type 1, which leads to an increased incidence of viral abortion (foaling) in mares or the birth of weak foals. In addition, EHV-1 often causes serious respiratory diseases (rhinopneumonitis). The horses have fever, often above 39° Celsius, in addition to watery nasal/eye discharge and coughing. The initially harmless course can have serious consequences.

In particular, the neurological form of EHV-1 that occurs at present can cause extreme damage to the nervous system. The consequences are paralysis and coordination disorders. At first, the disease is only noticeable by increased temperature, but already a few days later, the horses show a staggering, uncoordinated gait or direct signs of paralysis, mainly of the hindquarters. This is caused by hemorrhages into the spinal cord and the associated functional disturbances up to the complete death of certain nerve areas.

In case of an unfavorable course, the only option is to euthanize the horse...

It is especially treacherous that this disease also affects vaccinated horses and unfortunately one cannot fight the herpes viruses directly - the only possibility is to support the horse's immune system in the best possible way and in the best case already prophylactically!

That we all stick together is now even more important! Therefore our tip for you: MUSTAX VIT, the turbo booster for the immune system!

Vitamins are not only vital for us humans, but also for our favorite sports partners and help your horse not only in the defense against diseases, but also support it during the change of coat or in phases of increased stress. In short, your horse's health and performance are directly related to an adequate supply of vitamins.

MUSTAX VIT offers a perfectly balanced mixture of all important vitamins in optimal dosage with vitamins A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B6 and B12, thus supporting your horse's immune system, condition and vitality and effectively preventing vitamin deficiencies.

MUSTAX VIT can be fed as a course of treatment over 5 days (repeat if necessary) with the concentrate, or due to its water solubility can be easily administered through the drinker and is of course ADMR compliant.

Since we can't just stand by and watch the EHV-1 virus spreading more and more in our horses, we have decided not only to donate MUSTAX VIT directly to Valencia, but also to give you an additional 5 Euro on every purchased can of our high dose vitamins indefinitely until there is more clarity with EHV-1. To do so, please simply use the code: STRONGERTOGETHER when checking out on our website.

Please accept our offer and let's stick together so we can hopefully get back to our passion as usual soon. 🙏🏼❤️ #strongertogehter #communitylove #togetheragainstEHV-1

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