Muscles for your horse with muscle+! ??

Mukkis für dein Pferd mit Muskel+! 💪🏼
How to make your horse loose, muscular & ready to perform!
To train your horse gently and then keep it in the best possible shape is basically possible at any age and for all types of horses - but effective muscle building can only be achieved through targeted work in intervals and feeding that is optimally adapted to the respective training goal!
One thing is clear: every horse needs targeted training stimuli to build up powerful muscles, but also breaks in which the same muscle groups are not addressed again. There are many horses that are under-trained and need more muscle-building work. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of "overtrained" horses, which are worked sufficiently, but despite all efforts, the muscle development does not progress as the rider would hope. Sometimes these horses even lose muscle instead of building it up and that is really frustrating...
Of course, every horse should be fed according to its needs so that its muscles have all the components necessary for growth. Proteins consisting of amino acids are especially important! MUSTAX M+ therefore contains a particularly large amount of extremely easily digestible proteins or amino acids of the highest quality, which is constantly and strictly monitored. But not only sport horses urgently need these so incredibly important building blocks, but also foals, all young horses in growth, mares with foals at foot, stallions, convalescents and our seniors.
In addition to individual feeding, nowadays, unfortunately, the lack of supercompensation, often underestimated in training, is increasing. This means that the horse is trained too much, too long, too hard, too often, which in the worst case can lead to a loss of muscle mass. After a training load, your horse's body not only has to use its own resources to restore the basis for achieving the same performance level, but in the course of regeneration it should ideally increase its performance beyond the original level and maintain it at this new, higher level for a certain period of time.
However, if this increased performance level is used directly for a new training session, an upwardly limited increase in performance will occur. If, on the other hand, the regeneration phase between the individual loads is too long, the training effect is lost. So if you train your horse too much and/or too intensively, the body will not have enough time to regenerate between training sessions and the performance level will tend to decrease.
The art of optimal muscle development lies in the constant alternation of targeted training that is adapted to the horse's health and level of training, that constantly pushes the muscles to their limits without overtaxing them, and breaks in which the horse is moved but the muscles are not explicitly challenged. However, the horse's body also reacts during this light exercise: the blood flow to the previously more stressed muscle groups is increased, cells are constantly renewed and the previously stressed muscle regions (such as the back muscles) are built up so that they can optimally implement the next training stimulus. So that back, neck, hindquarters muscles & Co. have all the necessary components at their disposal, proteins are absolutely necessary. The most important factor here is the amount of highly digestible crude proteins contained, which the horse's body can then convert into the body's own protein and which are more than abundant and of the highest quality in MUSTAX M+.
Proteins are the basic building blocks of all cells - only through them is the necessary stability for muscle contraction created in the first place. In addition, proteins are urgently needed for the build-up of muscle mass and for the problem-free regeneration of possibly damaged cells. Proteins consist of amino acid molecules, whereby the essential amino acids are the most important, because the horse cannot form them itself. If amino acids are missing, this has negative effects on the entire organism. Especially in the case of lysine and methionine, shortages occur more frequently than assumed, as scientific studies show. If these amino acids are continuously fed in the form of MUSTAX M+, the horse can compensate for normal fluctuations from the intake of natural feeds such as grass, hay or haylage much better. An optimal supply is thus ensured and the development of the musculature is positively supported.
MUSTAX M+ provides your horse comprehensively with all necessary essential amino acids, promotes the development of strong muscles and thus supports the entire musculoskeletal system in growth, during demanding training phases, in rehabilitation, in broodmares or mating stallions.
Of course ADMR compliant!!!

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