Why carob bean instead of sugar? ?

Warum Johannisbrotschrot statt Zucker? 🚀
Why carob bean grits? 🧐🐎
We've been here for you and your favorite four-legged friends with MUSTAX for a year now, and we're always overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we get from you every day! 🤩
Of course, that doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels. Quite the opposite: For months we have been actively asking you for improvement suggestions and take every idea and criticism from you seriously! We are always on the lookout for potential improvements to make MUSTAX even more effective and digestible for your horses.
After extensive brainstorming with the MUSTAX team, intensive research, long discussions and a lot of work with our animal nutrition experts, we came across carob bean grits and are now completely enthusiastic about this all-rounder!
Did you know, for example, that a handful of ground carob pods a day can already help to reduce the risk of diarrhea, colic and gastrointestinal infections in your horse and thus avoid unnecessary veterinary costs!
Carob, as a purely natural product, has the ability to effectively decimate coli bacteria that are dangerous to the stomach and intestines - in part due to the tannins it contains, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect. They prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, thus stimulating the horse's immune system.

Carob groats promote colonization of the intestines by bacterial cultures, which support the horse's digestion and thus prevent stomach infections. Diarrhea, fecal water, bloat and other gastrointestinal problems can be alleviated by this tasty supplement.
With its contained mono-, di- and polysaccharides it has a supporting effect on the metabolism. In addition, the dark brown pods of the carob tree contain hardly any fat, but many minerals valuable for the horse, such as potassium and iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, carbohydrates and fiber.
So your horse's entire organism and immune system benefit from carob bean grit.
Horses love the taste of carob pods!
Carob pods smell intensely of vanilla, caramel and pleasantly sweet. In the case of fussy horses, carob bean often stimulates the appetite.
In short, with our relaunch on March 15, we have completely replaced the dextrose contained in all our MUSTAX products (except for HE and EL, where it contributes significantly to the effect) with carob bean grits and thus optimized our products once again significantly for you and your horse! 😍💪🏼

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