Support during foaling season?🐴💪🏻

Unterstützung in der Fohlenzeit?🐴💪🏻

Slowly but surely, spring is finally coming and for all breeders among you, this marks the beginning of the most exciting but also the most beautiful time of the year: The eagerly awaited foals are finally coming into the world!🥰

Of course, there are also important things to consider regarding the feeding of the expectant mother some time before the birth of your four-hoofed offspring. Already from the 7th month of pregnancy, the energy requirements of your mare can increase by 1.5 times the normally required amount. In addition, the need for nutrients such as protein, calcium and phosphorus will also become higher, so that a feed adjustment is very important here. A few days before and after the birth of the foal, the amount of feed should be reduced again to relieve the sensitive digestive tract of the mare as best as possible - during this time, the administration of mash is helpful and therefore highly recommended.💪🏻

Once the birth has hopefully taken place without complications, the mother mare and her offspring place particularly high demands on feeding in the following months. In the first months of lactation, the proud mom needs a large amount of protein (including the essential amino acid lysine), energy, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to be able to produce enough but above all good milk for her foal.
MUSTAX M+ and MIN are a real secret weapon for broodmares and therefore also for their foals!
Although most of you use our MUSTAX M+ as a booster for effective muscle building in their sport partners, it is also highly recommended for your broodmare! It contains all the necessary substances for the support of milk production and ensures that mother and child are optimally supported in this first period. In addition, the continuous feeding of MUSTAX MIN as a high-quality mineral feed makes sense. In this way, you lay the foundation for a long and healthy horse life for the foal right from the start and ensure that your mare is also well provided for.🐎🤩

Oh yes; there is one more thing: Our MUSTAX M+ is also perfectly suited for stallions in breeding use and ensures a good semen quality, so that we can welcome many lively foals again in the coming year!

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