What to do when my horse sweats a lot? ☀️?

Was tun, wenn mein Pferd viel schwitzt? ☀️🐎

For heavy sweating - MUSTAX PL!

It is (finally) spring, the temperatures are rising so slowly 🥳 and not only we, but also our horses begin to sweat more in training and at the tournament.... A natural process, which is also not tragic. Only one should take thereby precautions in time, so that the loss of body salts caused by stronger sweating is compensated effectively.

If this does not happen in time, the performance, endurance and health of your sports partner will be massively impaired. Your horse will tire much faster and the muscles will be prone to tension and cramps.

But be careful: Horses lose important minerals through sweat, not only during heavy exertion, but also through heat alone! Within 24 hours, a horse may well lose between 15 - 20 liters of sweat and the electrolytes contained therein. 🥵

Our tip: MUSTAX PL (Power-Lyt) if your horse sweats heavily! 🔝

This high-quality supplementary feed effectively compensates for the loss of body salts during heavy sweating and thus ensures a healthy mineral balance in your horse's body even on hot days . At the same time it prom otes performance, endurance and health. The added vitamins additionally strengthen the immune system and thus increase the overall vitality of our beloved four-legged friends.

MUSTAX PL also supplies short-term energy and restores the electrolyte balance in the metabolism. 🦄

Naturally doping-free and ADMR-compliant - and even soluble in water!👌🏻

Feeding recommendation: administer 30 g MUSTAX PL per horse via feed or water. (In case of heavy load up to 4x per day possible).

So order quickly and be prepared for the coming "hot phase"! 😎🔥

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